There has been no confirmed and verified sighting of Hilal for the month of Sha’ban from within the parameters of the Hilal Committee on the eve of Monday 16th April 2018, 29th Rajab. Therefore, Rajab will complete 30 days and the Hilal Committee declares Wednesday 18th April 2018 the 1st of Sha’ban.

The Hilal Committee declares 1st of Sha'ban on 18th April. Therefore May 1st Maghrib will be 15th Sha'ban.

The next meeting of the Hilal committee to determine the Hilal sighting for the month of Ramadan will take place on the eve of Wednesday 29th Sha'ban – 16th May 2018. Insha-Allah meeting will be at Madinah Masjid,1015 Danforth Ave. Toronto. Masajid's and organizations are requested to send their representatives at least half - an hour before sunset. 

Hilal Committee, based in Toronto, does not include the Pacific time zone. Our Fiqh Committee agreed with the sunset in the summer at 9:04 PM to wait 3 hours for Pacific zone was not practical for Masjids Taraweeh Salaat. Our standards are applied the same way for each moon sighting.