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Seven Reasons why Hilal Committee Local Sighting is closer to Sunnah

1. INTERNATIONALLY PRACTICED BY OVER 99% All Muslim majority countries follow local sightings such as Bosnia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India and Indonesia. Each country looks for the moon within its local region and announces the day of Eid, this has been a continued practice throughout all generations. In one estimation, 99% of Muslims follow local sightings in contrast to the few that follow other things such as scientific or global sightings.

2. RISK OF MANUFACTURING EID SIGHTING WITH OTHER METHODS OF MOON SIGHTING Other methods such as global sighting have been proposed. Though they may be allowed within certain fiqh school, the risk of manufacturing a moon sighting still exists. For example, in past years, scientifically the moon would only be visible in some Polynesian countries and nowhere else in the world. For someone to manufacture an Eid sighting they could fly two Muslim witnesses to these countries and have a Global sighting.

3. A CONTINUED PRACTICE BASED ON SUNNAH FOR THE LAST 40 YEARS In Greater Toronto, a significant number of senior scholars have been following local sighting for almost 40 years. Different views may arise but our organization will maintain what we have been doing for the last 40 years. If people accept other new practices of moon sighting it brings into question the accuracy of past moonlightings and as a result, this bring up the issue of making up fast. Saudi Arabia in the past after recognizing a moon sighting error asked all its citizens to make up a fast after discovering the error.

4. PROPHET NEVER UNITED EID IN MAKKAH AND MADINAH THOUGH TECHNOLOGY EXISTED  The Prophet Muhammad PBUH never combined Eid during his life between Makkah and Madinah nor did Khalifahs after him. The traveling distance (via camel travel) was 7 days and Eid Ul Adha has a 10 day delay thus it was possible (technology existed) to combine Eid days between the two holy cities and the region, yet this practice was not made but there remained encouragement to look for the moon sighting locally.

5. THE PRACTICE OF SUNNAH The sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad is the most dear to Allah. The Prophet and his companions did not know if the month would be 29 or 30 days, as a result the sunnah would look for the moon at Maghrib to find out at night when is Eid. This resulted in emotions of anticipation and jubilation that the Prophet and Sahaba practiced which is revived and practiced by local sighting.

6. ALL NORTH AMERICA FOLLOWED LOCAL SIGHTING IN EARLY 2000 In early 2000 almost all major organizations in North America followed local sighting. In the USA where ISNA, ICNA etc were historically following Saudi Arabia moon sighting. After a detail scholarly attempt of trying to obtain senior scholar approval internationally to accept this view. Senior scholars in Saudi Arabia and such scholars as Sh. Yusuf Qardawi all stated the moon should be looked at locally in North America. ISNA, ICNA, etc for two years followed local sighting but due to people not accepting they changed. Reference: https://www.soundvision.com/article/advice-on-moonsighting-and-moonfighting

7.UNITY IS NEEDED REGIONALLY ON EID NOT INTERNATIONALLY Within Islamic history the Muslim Ummah internationally has always celebrate Eid on separate days. This was the practice during the Prophet Muhammad PBUH time and is a continued practice. Holy Places such as Makkah Mukaramah, Madinah Munawarah and Jerusalem Al Aqsa all look for the moon locally not on a scientific or globally (in places such as Australia).

Mufti Taqi supporting with hundred of scholars that local sighting by each country should be followed:

"the question of sighting the moon for each lunar month including Zul-Hijjah was thoroughly discussed at the annual sessions of the Islamic Fiqh Academy (held in Jordan, October 11-16, 1986) attended by more than a hundred outstanding scholars of Shari'ah. The qadopted the resolution recommended that all Muslim countries should determine all the lunar months including Zul-Hijjah on the same basis for both Eid al-Fitr as well as Eid al-Adha." Mufti Taqi Usmani http://www.albalagh.net/qa/moon_qa.shtml

The following scholars encourage local sighting

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