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Ramadan 1425 begins on Saturday, Oct. 16

ISNA, ICNA and Shura Council Blunder Again

The Committee for Crescent Observation International affirms its decision that the Ramadan crescent moon was NOT SEEN anywhere in North America on Thursday evening. Insha-Allah Ramadan will begin from Saturday, and not Friday as ISNA, ICNA and Shura Council have declared.

Austin, TX sighting was absolutely unacceptable because the crescent moon was NOT SEEN anywhere west of Austin in Arizona and Southern California. The horizon everywhere west of Austin was extremely clear. Hundreds of Muslims looked for the moon and reported seeing NONE. Who can accept except ISNA Fuqaha that the sighting was VALID though:

1. The moon was seen only by a man and a woman,

2. just two minutes after sunset,

3. for a few seconds, and then disappeared;

4. It was a straight line, not a crescent;

5. It was to the right of the sun.

ISNA has every trick in its sleeves to synchronize the Ramadan and Eidain dates in N. America with Middle Eastern countries.

If a moon is not seen west of Austin for thousands of miles it is a concrete and irrefutable proof that Ramadan moon was NOT SEEN in Austin. ISNA Fiqh Council and Shura Council have misled the Muslims in North America again as they have been doing in the past. ISNAs own expert rejected the claim (See below) but they asked Muslims to fast on the last day of Shaban.

ISNA's ANNOUNCEMENT: Based on reported crescent sighting in Austin, Texas by two witnesses, the Islamic Shura Council of North America and the Fiqh Council of North America declare Friday, October 15th the first day of Ramadan. I (Khalid Shaukat) voiced my opinion that this witness is not credible but ISNA made the decision.

May Allah help us follow His guidelines. Ameen.

Reference: The Committee for Crescent Observation International


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